Join the birthday raffle!

Hi kinky people!

It’s been almost one year since the Kinky Vegan webshop made its first appearance in the digital universe! Set out to bring cruelty-free sex-toys to this world I dived into the world of e-commerce, having to figure out shipping rates and times, taking product pictures, reading all about search engine optimizations, etc. etc.
There were hardships when the time I needed for sewing collided with my other jobs, but I found my pace and my little shop is blossoming as my line of sweet toys is growing.
To celebrate the anniversary I’d like to hold a raffle, where the price will be a new item that I’m currently working on. Here’s a picture of a draft I made to give you an idea of what I’m talking about:
It’s a neck corset made out of upcycled bike inner tubes with a cotton lining! Super eco-friendly, because it makes use of reclaimed material that would otherwise go to landfill, vegan of course, and it looks pretty leather-like! It’s not really a bondage item as it doesn’t actually restrict the movement of the wearer’s head… but it does make it very uncomfortable to keep your head in any position that’s not straight upright =)
And of course, if you have a fetish for anything choker-like (I certainly have that fetish), this neck corset is just the thing for you!

All you have to do to take part in the raffle is to measure your neck circumference (right below the chin) and send me that measure. Don’t have a measuring tape? No problem, just take strip of paper and wrap it around your neck, mark where it overlaps and measure that against a ruler.

Done? Great! Please send that measure to kinky.vegan[a!] to be the lucky one, when the winner will be drawn on February, 18th!