Time In!

It is about time –  It’s been more than two years since I closed down the Kinky Vegan web show and during the last couple of weeks and months the thought of re-opening it grew stronger and stronger and now I finally made the decision to do it!

With the benefit of hindsight I can see now, that I was close to a burn out, when I decided to close down the shop. As you can probably imagine, that doesn’t feel sexy at all, which is why I’m gonna take it really slow this time. Since I’m also working on a variety of other projects, which all demand their fair share of my time, my capacity for Kinky Vegan will be limited. That means that for now the selection in the shop will be limited and I’ll take my time to respond to emails and send out orders.

I’m looking forward to hearing from all of you! Go Team Fun!


Time. Out.

Dear fellow vegans, kinkster, customers and friends. I need a time out. Work has been overwhelming a lot of the time during the past 1-2 years. Besides running the etsy shop I also work on a couple of other projects, for example I also make upcycled belts and wallets from used bike tires and inner tubes, that would otherwise go to landfill.
Managing the etsy shop has become quite demanding with its constant influx of orders, emails and custom requests and right now I don’t feel like I can keep up running the shop professionally anymore. So, rather than managing the shop only halfheartedly I’ll go into an extended hiatus until I get things sorted out. In the meantime, Kinky Vegan will not be dead and gone, of course. A selection of my work will still be available through the Other Nature.

For now, I’d like to thank all the people who I’ve crossed paths with along my Kinky Vegan journey so far. It’s really great to know that I have so many wonderful customers!
I will be on vacation until about mid-August, until then I will be pretty much of the grid. After that, I will gladly receive your emails at kinky.vegan (ät) gmail.com

New Toys!

I added a couple of naughty new toys to my shop recently; just click on the images to check them out!


big flogger

I have long been fantasising about a larger flogger and I eventually got down to make it. It gives a pretty decent sting (to the person receiving) and a feeling of power (to the person administering).


cock ring

A plain and simple cock ring – enjoy the fun stuff longer!


double bracelet

This is a sleek and elegant double bracelet, that doubles as wrist cuffs (pun intended). Just flip around one of the bracelets and tighten it around the other wrist. Great for subs to be reminded that they can be tied up anytime and great for tops to have cuffs at hand at anytime!

A couple of thoughts on being self-employed, work and prices

I didn’t know where this journey would take me, when I started the project Kinky Vegan about three years ago. My goal was to make high quality sex toys that are good for everyone: Good for the animals, because the toys are not made of leather; good for you, because they don’t contain toxic chemicals and good for as many people as possible and not just a couple of privileged few, who can afford expensive toys (though I’m aware of course, that even with the prices I set back then, I would exclude a lot of folks who couldn’t afford it anyway). Another important aspect for me is that being self-employed allows me to have a little more control over my life, than if I would work a “normal” day job, where I would work to generate profit for somebody else. Not having a boss also means for me not having to finance a boss, but to just make enough money to sustain my life.
During the last years I worked really hard to make this dream come true and sacrificed a lot of my social life as well as almost all of my political activism along the way. I mean I knew beforehand that being self-employed is hard work and I’m not going to get rich and that wasn’t my intention anyway. I live in a rather cheap shared community house, do a lot of dumpster diving and try to not need a whole lot in general and live simple, but I came to a point now where I just can’t go on like that. It doesn’t feel right that there’s so little time for friends or anything else beyond work. I felt kinda trapped in a treadmill, not going anywhere, not making any progress. Even though being self-employed prevents you from being exploited by others, there’s a good chance that one ends up exploiting one-self (especially when you’re very enthusiastic about your work). That’s certainly one of the mistakes I made and I had to learn it the hard way (which is not sexy).
It’s time for a change and the next step for this Kinky Vegan project would be for me to turn it into a collective. The chances to find someone here in Dresden (or anywhere at all really), who shares the values and ideas I connect with Kinky Vegan, who wants to work in a collective with me, and would be willing to do all that with a payment significantly below the minimum wage, are quite probably close to zero. The only way out is for me to raise my prices. Be sure that I’m not taking this step lightly; there’s been a lot of contemplation on my side whether and how I’m gonna do that and if there’s any way to avoid that. As I outlined above I really want everyone to be able to get the toys the want. Still I would think my prices are moderate, considering that my products are made to last. You can pass them on to your grandchildren!
I’m still committed to making great toys available to everyone, so if you really can’t afford  something that you want, write me and we’ll figure something out!

What are your thoughts about that? Write a comment or send me an email at kinky[dot]vegan[ät!]gmail[dot]com!

Join the birthday raffle!

Hi kinky people!

It’s been almost one year since the Kinky Vegan webshop made its first appearance in the digital universe! Set out to bring cruelty-free sex-toys to this world I dived into the world of e-commerce, having to figure out shipping rates and times, taking product pictures, reading all about search engine optimizations, etc. etc.
There were hardships when the time I needed for sewing collided with my other jobs, but I found my pace and my little shop is blossoming as my line of sweet toys is growing.
To celebrate the anniversary I’d like to hold a raffle, where the price will be a new item that I’m currently working on. Here’s a picture of a draft I made to give you an idea of what I’m talking about:
It’s a neck corset made out of upcycled bike inner tubes with a cotton lining! Super eco-friendly, because it makes use of reclaimed material that would otherwise go to landfill, vegan of course, and it looks pretty leather-like! It’s not really a bondage item as it doesn’t actually restrict the movement of the wearer’s head… but it does make it very uncomfortable to keep your head in any position that’s not straight upright =)
And of course, if you have a fetish for anything choker-like (I certainly have that fetish), this neck corset is just the thing for you!

All you have to do to take part in the raffle is to measure your neck circumference (right below the chin) and send me that measure. Don’t have a measuring tape? No problem, just take strip of paper and wrap it around your neck, mark where it overlaps and measure that against a ruler.

Done? Great! Please send that measure to kinky.vegan[a!]gmail.com to be the lucky one, when the winner will be drawn on February, 18th!